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Here’s Our Systematic Approach at TaxDebt.com to Solving Your Tax Problem


Here’s Our Systematic Approach at TaxDebt.com to Solving Your Tax Problem


  • We will stabilize your situation by contacting the IRS and making them aware that you’ve retained tax professionals to represent you and show them that you are serious about solving your tax problem.
  • We will completely define which year’s taxes have not been filed and/or are unpaid by contacting the IRS on your behalf.
  • After that we will gather information directly from the IRS for each year in question relative to your income and certain deductions that have been reported to them by third parties.
  • Next we create a timetable with the IRS to file delinquent tax returns and/or address unpaid liabilities.
  • Now we can get a hold on collection and enforcement action which will allow us enough time to begin to resolve your issues.
  • Often times we can have the IRS agree to remove wage garnishment and asset levies while the final liabilities are being determined.
  • We can file a request and abatement of penalties based on the facts of your particular situation.
  • Now we can make permanent arrangements to either pay or reduce your clearly defined tax liabilities and make your tax problem a thing of the past!


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